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Helping the fertilizer & chemicals industries remain a vital solution to matching crop production with current demand. agrola-energy Fertilizer Desk has a well-defined business strategy, and is known for reliability and strong performance in all segments of fertilizer and green chemicals products trading.

Since Fertilizer & Chemical desk was created, it has been expanding its global capabilities in order to best serve our customer’s needs and to help feed the world. Agrola-Energy trades first class fertilizer products, these comprise nitrogen- and phosphate-based products, as well as NPK compounds of various grades.

Our range of products include: – Nitrogen : Urea ; Ammonium Nitrate ; Ammonium Sulphate – Phosphate : Mono-Ammonium-Phosphate (MAP) ; Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) ; Di-Ammonium-Phosphate (DAP) Single Super Phosphate (SSP) – NPK compounds : NPK 20-10-10 ; NPK 16-16-16 ; NPK 8-24-24 ; NPK 14-23-14 + S + B – Others : Sulphur ; UAN ; Potassium Nitrate ; Potassium Sulphate

In chemicals, Agrola-Energy have strong experience and can provides customers with a complete portfolio of solutions to meet their specific application requirements. We are involved in the Business development of our associate plant in Egypt who has the built-in capacity to simultaneously produce various chemicals products in varying composition ranges and possesses the necessary technical expertise and the capability to offer tailor made product specifications to meet our customer’s requirements.

We have the broad range of Industrial products and technologies to offer the market, with world-class research, applications development & technical service capabilities. We believe our global scale and breadth of product line will help us deliver significant advantages to our customers. We have opportunities to increase sales of products by introducing them to new geographies.

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