Agrola Energy

molassesWith in depth knowledge and experience in souring, trading and global logistics, we originate sugar beet and cane molasses and related products from all around the world.

Agrola-Energy provides a reliable link between producers and consumers, servicing hydrolysis, yeast, bioethanol and feed-milling industries, we can delivers a wide range of products: Cane Molasses – Beet Molasses – Refinery Molasses, CMS/Vinasses -, Glycerine … Our partners disposes over well-appointed molasses storage facilities, special-purpose truck fleet and all the necessary equipment for molasses transshipment plus logistics as well.

All that give Agrola-Energy an opportunity to ensure steady and uninterrupted supply of the goods all the year round.

Office Belgium

Avenue Padoue 5
7020 Nimy
Phone : +32 (0) 479 973 980

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Office Poland

Radziejów, ul. Sportowa 2

47-208 Reńska Wieś
Phone: +48 (0) 604 877 529

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