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Agrola-Energy follows a global trading strategy interlinked with existing domestic and international trade flows to service our key milling and feed customers in the Middle East, North Africa and Africa. Wheat and Corn form the majority of the physical (bulk and container) we trade. Other grains traded include Soybeans, feed barley, sorghum, milling wheat, …  Our key origin markets for grains are: Black Sea, Russia, US, EU, India, Pakistan, and Australia.

We are very active and magor player in buying, selling and arranging delivery of vessel-load cargoes of feed grains in major international markets, we pride ourselves on our speed and efficiency. This, combined with our extensive sourcing abilities, dominant market share in key sales areas, and freight chartering capabilities, allows us to find and deliver product to our clients in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Additionally, Agrola-Energy also provides its international customers with market data and information that help them make difficult decisions in a continually changing market.

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