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Agrola-Energy is marketer & distributor of ethanol primarily for use in the fuel and industrial markets. We buy predominantly industrial alcohol directly from producers and well known providers for distribution to beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, industrial sectors and fuel blenders.

We are working closely with our producers / providers to ensure that the feedstock comes from sustainable sources. The whole range of products that agrola-energy is able to offer includes: beverage, industrial, raw and fuel grades.…. We are able to offer also denatured ethanol (MEK, Bitrex, DEP, Methanol, etc.). From small plastic can to truck, from drum or palletized IBC to wagon, up to barge or tanker-vessel, the delivery is always managed according to customer’s requests.

As a matter of fact agrola-energy is able to guarantee any destination with very short notice, both with its own means of transport and with reliable transport companies, when we give you a delivery date and time for your ethanol, we meet it!

The raw material of the ethanol: cane molasses, beet molasses, grains (corn, wheat, rye), wood, tapioca or any other material that can be fermented.

Agrola-Energy trading philosophy is to source ethanol in the EU and outside the EU for the EU or for export to any world destination, we can offer buyers or sellers multiple sourcing solutions.

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